Lorrèn is a Dutch singer-songwriter from Amsterdam. Her remarkable story started ever since she was scatting and singing at the age of 3 with her dad, who is a jazz violist. When she was 11 she started performing professionally.
After the release of her hit single ‘The Game Of Love’ in 2015 she became ‘Radio 2 Talent’, which is a title from one of the biggest radio stations in The Netherlands. After the release of her critically acclaimed debut album ‘Shades of Blue’ (2015) and her latest album ‘Land of Possibilities’ (2017) Lorrèn performed in well-known venues such as: North Sea Jazz Club, Sugarfactory and Paradiso.


Live, Diederik plays the trumpet and performs together with an ever evolving band of friends and challengers. He usually includes samples, his effortless charm and on occasion even an iPhone app or a toy piano. But whatever he does, his curiosity is infectious. His stories can sound like the Calabrian hills, a drunken Russian restaurant in Brighton Beach, an autumn apartment in Brooklyn or an electrifying night at North Sea Jazz.


The Dokwerk Saxophone Quartet is a young and energetic chamber music ensemble. Coming from four different parts of the world, Lisa Schreiber, Jen-Hong Wu, Ileana Termini and Pedro Silva all driven by their passion for music, are found together in Amsterdam. Their career is still young but they performed already in some of the great Dutch concert halls, such as the Concertgebouw Amsterdam and Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ. Subtle, powerful and highly talented.


Amber and Nardi’s mission is to bring a diverse repertoire of classical music to the widest possible audience through fresh, accessible performances. They are so persistent to that goal that, besides their regular performances, they sing and perform on the streets. What better way to bring opera to the everyday man. To have the best interaction with their audience they regularly provide concerts with a theatrical touch.

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