Courtyard concerts is an initiative of a group of talented musicians and organizers who travel around the city to host concerts at the places that Covid measurements allow.

Where we can play, we will play!

Think of courtyards, balconies, terraces and gardens. Not waiting for the changes that lay out of our hands but making use of the opportunities that are still present. If you can it would very much appreciated if you could:

Donate to our movement
Apply to be the host of a new location

Or, if you are a professional artist and would love to perform again:

Join the Courtyard Concerts musician group


Wondering if we can also play in your courtyard?
Do you have a question about one of our artists or do you just want to spar?
Mail us at info@courtyard-concerts.com
Or visit our office, the coffee is ready.

Krommertstraat 22
1056 TS Amsterdam